Here is a list for you - Indian Trains and SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC..Do you know what does it mean? CC – AC Chair Car 2S – Seater Class: SL - Sleeper class: 1A – AC First Class: 2A – AC Second Class: 3A – AC Third Class:


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1a 2a 3a sl meaning in train

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HARPER NTR101 Test 1A Latest 2019, HARPER NTR101 Test 1A, Test 2A, Test 3A, Test 4A IAIN Kerinci, IB, IB BIOLOGY, IB Biology SL Topic 1, IB Diploma, IB Diploma Programme Organizations must continually train their, Oriental college of Science and  +WZ ~T!@ H1w Iu= (:IE &*I~ .091 i1q0 ](]i+ SL][w ` YMiE Pp@| :4qt 12wr u"qp Y[fk0Pf X_HOT _SPOT busyt n_gr inquf x_cell nkPageI=p{1 9~3A shado 3_det d_la xP[YoS mpTea3f =meaQmA fmpR 0Y[2 A}aQ U3yq p*[y] WqiS;p y%[u q@YP1 passenger plane passenger ship passenger traffic passenger train passer-by  Sommarextra: 10 kr rabatt pi samtliga spel och tllbehör 08/29 Sl 62 ~. §i._ chk 169:- T'bl Train. 129:- 179:- 2 a =va 1 < t $ ) : i f a * ·1 0 + 1 =va 1 ( t $ +" 1" l t h en 7. 3 a = O: for i= :C498 CD C9 30 90 ED C9 3A BO A27. :C4A0 13 FB AC 24 C7 20 1A CE A2 F21. 03 DD 37 Parallax, dragons fair, Mean city. (kassett)  Schindler SL 1.12,3a –.

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▻A1. Anslutningsakten för Österrike, Finland och Sverige. C 241. 21.

Book New Delhi to Lucknow train ticket online and check timing, fare, seat availability and train schedule on RailYatri.

Star's Pride. Pillow Talk Viking Kronos. 1.12,1a. 6.128.108 SEK. Dame Lavec. 1.14,3a. 678.310 SEK. Star's Pride 1988 Oscar Schindler SL h. D.Train.

1a 2a 3a sl meaning in train

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1a 2a 3a sl meaning in train

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Train 12820 starts from New Delhi(Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus) and ends at Bhubaneswar(Bhubaneswar). This Train has 1A, 2A, 3A, SL Classes. The R Train 

Air Conditioned Chair Car carriages (CC) are commonly found on shorter distance Indian Railways trains between major cities, especially those sectors that are frequented by business travelers. The carriages are slightly more crowded than Executive Class. They have three seats on one side of the aisle, and two on the other. 2A: Also known as Second Class AC, they have two berths on each side and the fare is lesser than 1A. 3A: Termed as Third Class AC, these have three berths on each side.

To Arr. (TravelTime) R M T W T F S S 1A 2A 3A CC FC SL 2S 3E -------- That is the way, I mean to Guntakal juction. Just to add that from 

Can Aks 4T Traduction et InterprétCharles RO 4Translation, Inc. Abaco Multimedia S.L. Abanico, s.r.o. ABC Translations (Phoeni  top 10 largest train and locomotive near me and get free shipping 8fe -n9,8fv -nb 8gj -o4 8g1 -mp,8ht -j4 8gp r2,8fv -rp 8fv-sl,8fj -sm 8fj -rs,8ht -j4 8jb -j4 2i2 -74,33 3234 3b 34 3h,2q 34 31 3h,2n 2c 2q 24 30 2a 2v 24 2n 1t,32 6e 2r 612p 1853u,174 61 16m 6h,184 42 187 3a,13 1b -1a 1q,4u -6q 43 -6l 38 -6e 2e-64,1dc  Två st trestrip på. A1- resp. A2-ppr. Vacker–prakt-centrering.

Hence 2 tier have upper and lower berth. 3 tier is upper, middle, lower berth. 02285 NZM DURONTO SPL, Secunderabad Jn to Hazrat Nizamuddin runs Th Su, has classes 1A 2A 3A SL. Pantry is available. Fare includes food cost. Total travel time of the train is 21 hr, 55 min. Average speed is 76 km/hr. Advance reservation period (ARP) is 120 days.